What Is LevelUp Leader?

We’re a mastermind group of proven leadership experts whose mission is to effectively empower leaders of all levels. LevelUp is the leading resource for learners whose goal is to save time absorbing major leadership concepts on their own schedule. In short, we’re a leadership skill-building platform designed to help learners maximize their time by providing a curated curriculum of condensed books and actionable video content. Our content features key takeaways and practical leadership concepts developed by successful leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs.

The Minds Behind LevelUp

LevelUp Leader was conceptualized by a panel of leadership experts and entrepreneurs seeking to fill a gap in the resources accessible to leadership learners. Leadership is an ever-evolving skill. But the influx of online education resources can make it difficult and time-consuming to identify which learning tools are reputable and effective. That's where LevelUp changes the game.

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Build Skills

Build Skills.

Our extensive library gives you access to book summaries and video content designed to enhance your critical thinking skills, decision-making process, and productivity.

Save Time

Save Time.

LevelUp identifies the industry’s key learning materials and provides a path for subscribers to reach their leadership learning goals sooner and on their own schedule.

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Stay Focused.

Learning modules create an immersive experience with a personalized selection of curated leadership resources. These learning pathways ensure learners stay on track.

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Our Story

After years of training leaders across a wide range of disciplines, we pinpointed two common problems among the vast majority of our learners:

The Paradox of Choice. There is simply too much information across too many mediums, which causes learners to not know where to start or what books to consider effective.

Time. We’ve spent years summarizing a curated list of books by highlighting the key takeaways, concepts, and theories. This allows us to teach our learners more efficiently, all while maintaining a high level of concept comprehension.

LevelUp is not a replacement for books. In fact, it guides learners toward best-selling authors, professors, and entrepreneurs, introducing them to new materials in an organized curriculum leadership course.
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“I now feel prepared to take on greater leadership roles, in my career and personal life.”

- Amy B., VP of Product
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“They are always supplying new resources relevant to my business.” 

- Bill M., Entrepreneur
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“LevelUp’s videos and book summaries were easy to follow and perfect for the next step in my leadership journey.” 

- Carol R., High School Principal

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Why We Do It

Leadership education is for everyone. Executives, parents, coaches, professionals, and students all benefit from access to concise, easy-to follow leadership learning materials. LevelUp’s goal is to give every learner the chance to become the best version of themselves through a tailored, flexible learning pathway.

We’ve discovered the most effective way to “level up” leaders is by curating our own leadership curriculum. First, we organized leadership books into key topics of leadership. Then, we created weekly modules, and we’re constantly adding new material for our members to continue sharpening their leadership skills and stay up to date with the latest strategies.


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